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Further Background:
OPAS has been for nearly a decade a regional referral source for patients seeking specialized pain management or addiction medicine services. Our approach to pain management and addiction medicine respects the best of current scientific evidence. We do not, however, limit our intervention to those thoroughly proven or to those only covered by third parties. We strive to assure that all safe and effective interventions be considered.

Dr. Rotchford acts as a consultant to other providers and work with patients as their advocate in helping them access the best of medical care.  Dr. Rotchford is an experienced physician with acknowledged expertise in many of the complex areas of outpatient medical care.  He is thoughtful, has been formally deemed compassionate,  and he is willing to explore safe alternatives in addition to standard medical options. Rather than considering his approach to be that of an allopathic physician who integrates alternative models of medicine,  he considers his approach to medical care as pragmatic, that is he evaluates what approach is likely to produce the best results in a "doable" and most safe & effective manner.   In short, Dr. Rotchford strives for the best possible outcomes for his patients.  See Dr. Rotchford's published essay:   Letting the Horses Run.

In addition to practicing standard inpatient and outpatient medicine since 1980, Dr. Rotchford has been practicing medical acupuncture since 1981. This is a testimony to a longstanding effort to provide safe and effective approaches for chronic medical conditions.